Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Two years...

Two years since I used blogspot... lot has happened. I'm on the final stretch of finishing my degrees in political science and computer science. I'm also trying to get into grad school.

One of my friends of 15 years is engaged... long story short, wanted to date her... but well, win some lose some. Been trying to look around some, always get my face smaked in the mud in various ways. What I have learned? Girls that have had previous mistakes are attracted to me for some odd reason. It sometimes gets annoying. Had one family member that made some mistakes... big ones in this area. 'Tis been my guide post of what not to look for... including my past attempts.

I'm one of the few that ask advice from my parents in this area, and their opinion... they are wiser than me. Better learn from someones else's mistakes and wisdom than repeat history in ones own unique way and drown in the mud. God will eventually set things up in his timing... (Yes. I'm a Christian.)

One of the things I dislike is people smoking around me, or in my vehicle or where I live. My family has medium to severe acute asthma attacks when it comes to cigarette smoke, and I start coughing. I have heard stories of it from my mom that the aunt that raised her took a drag... face went blue then got a breath then took another one... and she died of lung cancer. No thanks, and besides the smell stinks. Also, I don't drink because I have alcoholism on both sides of my family... enough said.

I have a few friends and one late relative that is/was (legally) deaf, but I, myself, am not deaf or hard of hearing. I've visited a deaf chapel when I was on my internship in the northeast US. I was fortunate to have a now acquaintance at the chapel tutor me in ASL when I was up there. I kind of put learning ASL on pause because of the mountain of college related stuff that is piling over my head.

On politics, I am supporting McCain because he has previous experience, knows what it is like to be a solider, and his economic policies. Obama on the other hand... my response to his economic policies are that raising taxes and protectionism is what helped turned the Great Depression into is now famous name sake. That, and I do not like his stance on abortion and embryonic stemcell research.

I have a coauthor now that I'm writing my now... hum... saga with... (yes... it grew exponentially). That saga is now put on hold as I tackle the mountain of college work in front of my eyes.

One more month of this semester... then one more semester... (then grad school?)

Signing off.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

New Website and More

Well I have a new website MaverickOutlook.Com please visit it. I also have moved my blog from blogspot over there, and the one at blogspot will now be a semipermanent archive. More updates will come soon. The RSS feed of my blog is now here. Sorry for the month long wait on art. Truthfully, I have been lazy. I have now five pieces of art in queue, the piece is a new character for my literary project. Hopefully, I will get these done.

Monday, June 12, 2006

All queued up.

I have four pieces of art in my queue as of now. So it may take a while, as I'm still a relatively new to drawing and I have a full time job. I may post unshaded versions of what is in my queue in scraps. So please be patient, they will come eventualy. Thanks for your patients.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Well I have a full time summer job now, university grounds keeping. It is not that hard, just hot at times. I'm almost done with the line are for invader-ace's Sally. Hopefully I will get more drawing and writing done. There should be another update soon. ;)

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Busy... busy... busy.. Oh so busy.

I have one heck of a full schedual now. I part time job that is about 17 to 20+ hours a week, 5 college classes and one lab, paperwork, looking for temporary summer job, and an apartment that is not on campus. On top of that, I need to seriously get over procrastination. In addition to that, all my fiction writing as been put on suspention. I also added a Spanish minor to my double major (Political Science/Computer Science). Not to mention the truck load of tests and papers comming up. Oh, what have I gotten myself into? :O_o: The study abroad trip collapsed because of finances. :( I am still planning of going--hopefully soon. My friend, XUnlimited: has resently joined dA. He is an author too; but if you want to read his stuff, you got to know how to read Spanish. ;) I hope that I can post some art work here soon, but it will be about one month before I can because of the packed schedual. Lately I have been keeping up with the U.S. imigration debate and the U.S.-Iran issue. The world is one heck of a crazy place. I am at conflect with myself over what should be done with the whole illegal imigration/amnesty/U.S.-Mexico border issue. I have come to this conclusion: almost no one is going to be satisfied with the resolution or the lack thereof of this issue. :/ Oh, on the Iran issue. I think the US may exit out of Iraq through Iran..... On a more bland note--if you put real numbers on the X axis, imaginary numbers on the y axis, what other and different set of numbers will go on the Z axis (discounting complex numbers)??? This question has been bugging me for some time today..... I have been tagged by Magaman. There are over six things in my post about myself; you have just got to find them. :P And I choose not to tag anyone.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Original Stories (update) and Other Stuff

Well, I just finnished one Spanish compisition and one paper for a political science class, but I have two more tests to go. I'm having to get the paper work done to get a passport (much fun) to go to Mexico (study abroad). I have worked on the plot for my original stories. I added two more supporting characters. They are fraternal twins who are sons of a top general. One of them is good friends with James. I also decided that I'm going to have to do a prequal about Thomas, too. Oh, working on my stories has basicily been put in suspended animation because of homework; I hope it get it out of that state soon. Hmm... I'm going to have to come up with a name for my stories soon. What should it be...?

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Original Stories

Well, I decided to mostly give up fanfiction and start writing some original stories. Don't worry, James and Madelin will be there plus James' sister, Rachel. Their ages in the story has not been decided on yet. Rachel is a female android build by James' dad as an experiment. She doesn't have many fancy robot powers. Although, she may gain some in the future. I won't tell you any more about her; that will be a suprize. Hopefully, I will start on it soon. Most likey the stories will be uploaded on deviantArt.